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The pioneer in high-precision hand-held laser welding technology

Welcome to the pioneer in hand-held laser welding technology. Innovation. Precision. Security. Made in Germany. This is what Blue LaserTools stands for.

At a glance

This is Blue LaserTools

Blue LaserTools GmbH is THE pioneer in hand-held laser welding technology. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of tailor-made solutions for laser applications in the automotive and supplier industries, medical technology, electromobility and many other industries.

We develop and deliver production-ready, flexible, compact and proven laser technology according to your requirements in absolute top quality. We have an experienced, excellently trained team that develops and manufactures laser technology with enthusiasm and innovative spirit that advances your production.

Our certifications are also an expression of our outstanding performance: We are certified by ZDH-Zert GmbH, Munich. The quality of our factory production control (WPK) was confirmed by the certificates DIN EN 1090 and DIN EN ISO 3834 from ZDH-Zert GmbH from Munich.

Blue LaserTools stands for a unique combination of highly innovative products and services that significantly increase our customers’ productivity, and laser safety, which is absolutely essential for every laser workplace.

Don’t make any compromises when it comes to laser technology. We are your partner.


Values ​​we stand for


Our products are innovative in every respect and can make the difference in your production. And our in-house development is continuously working on the products of tomorrow and the further improvement of laser technology, incorporating the latest science & Research.


Our solutions impress with the highest level of precision: be it the precision in the production and processing of our products or the precision work that our solutions can deliver when used in your production. Because manufacturing is all about millimeters. Or fractions of it.


Laser safety and occupational safety are extremely important. Unfortunately, they are by no means a given across the industry. Blue LaserTools products and solutions impress with the highest level of safety – so that your employees & Employees have a healthy working environment.

Made in Germany

We stand for products “made in Germany”. We develop and manufacture the majority of our products at our three German locations. If we have components & When purchasing additional services, we pay attention to the highest quality & Security. Blue LaserTools products are among the best in the industry.


An owner-managed company

Blue LaserTools GmbH is an owner-managed company with a personal character and courageous employees. The enthusiasm for laser technology, short communication and decision-making channels as well as an open ear for one another are the basis for the development of the most innovative and high-quality products for laser welding and laser cutting.

The company was founded by Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busch, who spent his entire professional career dealing exclusively with laser technology and its application in industry and, among other things, worked at Trumpf AG for 9 years before founding Blue LaserTools GmbH. The connection to renowned universities and research institutions also contributes to the high quality of our products and services.

Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busch