On your behalf

Contract welding with state-of-the-art laser technology

Many tasks in metal and sheet metal processing can be solved particularly economically using the laser welding process, from prototypes to small and large series. We have a versatile range of machinery at our disposal and can carry out welding work on your behalf.

Services in detail

Thanks to the consistent use of laser welding, we are able to join components reproducibly and with minimal distortion, meaning that reworking is largely unnecessary. Thanks to our own fixture construction and our machine equipment, we can realize all tasks from the development of prototypes to the production of large series.

You benefit from the fact that you do not have to purchase laser machines in your company, some of which take up space, and can use our contract welding services extremely flexibly. This also eliminates the need for costly training and health protection in the field of laser technology for your workforce. What’s more, you benefit from our extensive expertise in this field, which minimizes unnecessary waste.

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Advantages of contract laser welding

  • Lowest heat input
  • Minimum heat-affected zone
  • Significant elimination of expensive rework such as straightening, sanding and plastering work
  • Reproducible weld seam results
  • Maximum efficiency even with small batch sizes
  • Large number of materials can be welded
  • High welding depths up to approx. 4 mm
  • High process speed
  • Laser fine welding with pulsed laser sources