The technology

What does “hand-held laser welding” mean? what are the advantages? And how precise is it possible? We explain the technology in which we are the pioneers.

Extremely versatile

This is “hand-held laser welding”

Hand-held laser welding is a precision welding process in which a laser beam is manually directed by a trained operator to join workpieces together. This process offers high precision and control as the operator directs the laser beam directly onto the weld. The material melts at the weld edges, fuses and forms a strong connection.

Hand-held laser welding is often used in the manufacturing industry to join thin-walled or complex components, such as in the automotive or aerospace industries. It allows for low heat exposure to the workpiece and minimizes deformation, resulting in high quality welds.

“Laser cutting” is closely related to hand-held laser welding. The welding beam is not used to join materials, but rather to precisely cut out fittings.

“Hand-held” does not mean that every piece has to be welded or cut “by hand”. Automation is also possible and is even carried out very frequently. Hand-held laser welding machines and laser cutting machines are connected to production robots and an automation process is programmed that can be repeated continuously. This makes it possible to even produce large series using our technology.

This so-called “laser integration” refers to the integration of laser radiation and laser technology into various industrial applications and systems. This process includes the implementation of laser sources, optics and control systems in production processes, medical devices, communication systems and much more. In the manufacturing industry, laser integration is widely used for cutting, welding, marking and engraving materials, enabling precise and efficient machining processes. Advancing laser integration leads to innovative solutions and improved products in various industries and contributes to automation and increased efficiency.

Great possibilities

Manual welding & laser integration

Precise freehand welding

When freehand welding using laser technology, the so-called handpiece, for which we offer various versions in pen or pistol shape, is guided flexibly and without the use of a device by the welding end. This enables an individual yet highly precise welding result with the smallest weld seams.

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Versatile laser integration

Laser integration for industry refers to the integration of laser welding technology or laser cutting technology into production systems and manufacturing processes. Laser sources, control systems and optics are integrated into the existing infrastructure to enable precise and efficient welding processes. This increases automation and quality in industrial manufacturing.

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