|4. August 2023

Managing Partner Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busch in an interview

What makes Blue LaserTools special? And how did it all start? Find out more about it – personally from our managing partner Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busch in an interview.

Dr. Busch, how did the “PenWelder”, a hand-held welding device that looks like a pen, come about?

The start-up MobilLaserTec GmbH, founded at the beginning of 2001, developed the PenWelder as a market- and series-ready solution for hand-held laser welding in 2002/2003, long before the global attention that the process receives today. We even delivered one of the first examples to Japan. Two of the three founding members of MobilLaserTec GmbH involved in the joint development are now shareholders of Blue LaserTools GmbH and in this sense we see ourselves as THE pioneers in the field of industrial, hand-held laser welding!

The idea of ​​“taking the laser beam in our hands” and implementing it in the form of a hand-held laser welding machine never left us and we – my wife Mülkiye Busch, Kai Uwe Lotz and I – founded Blue LaserTools GmbH in 2015.

What is the “mission” of Blue LaserTools?

The core of Blue LaserTools is to make handheld laser welding technology applicable to industry. If you will, we are the “pioneers” for hand-held laser welding.

Blue LaserTools has various fields of activity. The most important field is hand-held laser welding machines. Our first goal was to make the PenWelder, a laser welding pen in conjunction with a laser source or with existing laser welding technology, suitable for industrial use.

We then focused on developing and offering holistic products, i.e. H. compact or modular-configurable units consisting of a handpiece and a laser source. We have also developed and produced various attachments and handpieces. We offer e.g. B. also offers handpieces in the shape of a pistol and with an oscillating laser beam.

Individual manufacturing solutions also play a role, right?

Absolutely. We also integrate our products individually on site at our industrial customers and integrate them into the existing systems there. We also create special solutions made to measure for our customers, primarily in the areas of production and series production, but also in prototype construction.

At which locations is Blue LaserTools represented?

We have three locations – a main location in Salzgitter, where the systems are manufactured, one in Chemnitz, where control technology and special machines are built, and one in Berlin, where laser light cables are repaired and repairs are carried out. Everything we do is “made in Germany” in the best sense of the word. And we have extremely experienced, imaginative employees who are real “laser experts”.

If you know you, you know how enthusiastic you are about it and how much energy you are bursting with…

I have worked my entire professional life exclusively in laser technology – in my own companies and for 9 years also for Trumpf. I’m looking forward to everything that lies ahead of us. We still have a lot to do!

Thank you very much, Dr. Busch!